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Wildlife Conservation Action

After Cecil the Lion’s death, Dr. Moreangels Mbizah started her own conservation organization in Zimbabwe called Wildlife Conservation Action, which focuses on reducing retaliatory killing of lions and promoting the coexistence between lions and local communities.

Wildlife Conservation Action created the Save-A-Lion campaign to raise money for their lion conservation work and to create awareness around the beloved Cecil the Lion.

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Harare, Zimbabwe

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About Save-A-Lion Campaign

When Cecil the Lion died in 2015, the incident wasn’t unusual as the local community was accustomed to lion deaths occurrences. However, the media frenzy after Cecil’s death was remarkable. Cecil’s death helped people realize that we are in danger of losing the African lion as their numbers are declining fast.

Lions have vanished from over 95% of their historical range and only about 20,000 lions remain in the wild and are classified as being vulnerable to extinction across much of their range. In Zimbabwe, lions hold a special place in the community’s heart and are represented in totems.

As a lion totem holder, you are obligated to protect the species and must never harm or eat the animal. This is one of the reasons why there is still an abundance of lions and other wildlife species in Zimbabwe.

Through the Save-A-Lion NFTs, we hope to extend the meaning of the Lion totem and extend the symbolism of protecting this important species.

The project will launch on OpenSea soon and additional NFTs from this project will be minted on Thropic soon after.

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Funds Designation

Lion and Habitat Conservation – this will include the purchase of camera traps and GPS radio collars to monitor lion movements and prevent conflict with local communities and retaliatory killing of lions.

Human Lion Coexistence – this will include salaries of Community Guardians and the purchase of predator proof mobile bomas to reduce the conflict between communities and lions.

Education, Training and Capacity Building – this will include conservation camps for school kids and conservation clubs within schools.

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