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We have decided as a company to kick off a new initiative to keep our community informed about what is happening “behind the scenes” in the world of Thropic. This may not be a weekly series, but we hope to provide as much information and updates as possible. Today you will be reading about three major updates in the Thropic world.

#1 Official Partnership with 5Lion Ventures:

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5Lion Ventures is an early-stage investment firm focused on providing Seed to Series A funding as well as advisory services to early-stage companies. The 5Lion team will specifically help us with investor onboarding, strategic initiatives, and introductions to future partners. The team brings both financial and non-financial resources to the table. The express goal of their team is to drive meaningful acceleration, growth and value creation for startups and their strategically curated teams. Read more about them here at their website: 5Lion Ventures.

#2 Business Model Update:
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We have an exciting new product launch that we are unveiling in a 3-month pilot program with multiple non-profits in our network. We are developing the first embeddable donation widget that can accept NFTs as a form of donation. Much like crypto, NFTs are treated as appreciated property and donors do not assume any capital gains tax upon donation.

As a result, the average crypto donation ($10,455) is 82x greater in value than the average cash donation ($128). We believe this is the future of the giving economy, and we are very excited to be the first to market allowing our clients the unique opportunity to accept these intangible, yet extremely valuable assets as a form of donation.

While we raise capital to launch the NFT Marketplace, we believe this widget is the most logical next step forward in the crypto philanthropy space. We look forward to helping our partners take advantage of this massively growing giving trend.

#3 First co-branded AMA Twitter Space:

We have been busy in the space networking with people who have a similar goal in Web3 Space. We have decided to bring these groups together and kick off an AMA Social Impact Twitter Space in early May. We hope to raise awareness and funds for some of these amazing projects that are using blockchain technology for social good. We are collaborating with multiple social impact projects and look forward to sharing more information soon.

Thank you for reviewing our FIRST “This week in Review” . We look forward to sharing more in the future.

About Thropic

Thropic is a donor software company whose core mission is to help non-profits reach younger audiences. We are a movement of younger donors who value inclusivity, transparency, and community-based change. Since 2019, our company has generated 36 fundraising campaigns, 2,500+ unique donors, $225,000+ donations processed, and a 1.8 million non-profit database.