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The TAD Project

(TAD) Talk About Depression is all about ending the shame surrounding suicide and mental illness. They envision a world where shame is non-existent and people can be open to seek help for themselves, their friends, and their families.

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Newport Beach, California

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A Noble Mission

The mission of Talk About Depression (TAD) is to give friends, family, and coworkers the tools and education they need to support themselves or a loved one through a mental health crisis. We’re increasing mental health equity by lowering the barriers to accessing professional, social, and individual mental health support.

They do this by creating digital education resources that allow individuals to safely manage mental health crisis situations and more.

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Our Partnership

Thropic’s community voted for The TAD Project to be a funds recipient as part of Suicide Prevention Month in September 2021. Thropic is also teaming up with TAD on an NFT activation.

We look forward to helping The TAD Project promote their much needed mental health resources!

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