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Thropic is proud to pronounce our newest partnership with the Arcanum Ventures VC firm. This team has pledged to help our cause in leveraging Web3 technology to improve the charitable landscape. We believe this team aligns with our mission due to their success in the crypto world and dedication to the philanthropy space. Their company pillars include a charitable aspect, and these are the type of organizations we like to align with in the ecosystem.

Who are Arcanum Ventures?

Arcanum Ventures is a venture capital investment firm, blockchain advisory service, and digital asset educator. They bring precise knowledge and top-tier expertise in advising blockchain startups. They have been involved in over 70+ blockchain projects and have immense experience curating Web3 communities. Check out some of their previous work here.

How will Arcanum Ventures help accelerate Thropic’s growth?

  • Content strategy and marketing support to promote Thropic’s mission and reach wider audiences both inside and outside the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Financial backing and fundraising support to help Thropic scale up and better serve its community and onboard new nonprofit partners.
  • Strategic advisory to help ensure that the token utility and company roadmap are in line with the founder’s vision and mission.
  • Bespoke token economic design.
  • Business development support and partnership introductions within the vast Arcanum Ventures network.
  • Updated community management strategy.

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